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2017-8-23EVI air source heat pump for house heating.

V-COOL evi air source heat pump is the heat pump specially designed for heating(house heating and floor heating) under -25 centigrade low temperature. 

Capacity range:

MS130R  12KW  single phase 

MS130R   12KW three phase 

MS180R   17.5KW  single phase 

MS180R   17.5KW  three phase 

MS320R   37KW   three phase 

ML300P  116KW 380V 

Main features of V-COOL Evi heat pumps: 

1.EVI compressor special designed to get high outlet water temperature at super low air temp. work stably at -25C ambient temperature with only little capacity recession.

2. Using EEV(electronic expansion valve) to achieving accurate, stable and high efficiency throttling.

3 Outdoor Fin-coil heat exchanger is hydrophilic coated, golden fin is optional for more anti-rust for seaside area.

4. Compressor preheated to protect compressor in cold winter.

5. Automatic defrosting function with bottom hot piping tech enable our EVI heat pump to work without capacity concession even not necessary to defrost in long hours as shown performance curve.

Installation instructions for EVI air water heat pump: 

Dimension for V-COOL evi air water heat pumps:  

Currently we are looking for worldwide partners for our product of evi air water heat pump, kindly contact via e-mail of: info@vtcool.com.cn or whatsapp: 0086 13902837606 for more details. 

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