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2016-11-11Major Problems of Traditional Swimming Pool Equipment For Consumers to Operate

With the development of economy in China, improvement of people's income and living standards, health care consciousness has been greatly enhanced; As a time sport activity, swimming is becoming more and more people's favorite. Nowadays, private swimming pool has begun to popularize. To own a healthy, comfortable, energy-saving private pool is many people’s dream.
However, the widespread traditional swimming pool exists four major problems, which seriously affect the user's operation.
1.Health problems. As the effects of pool water evaporation will make the indoor air contain large amounts of chloramines, trihalomethane and other harmful substances, which will seriously endanger people's health, especially when the indoor relative humidity reaches 65% or above, these harmful substances content will increase rapidly, and to damage people's health. The most comfortable air relative humidity for people is in the range of 40% to 60%, but the traditional pool heaters do not have the dehumidification function.
2.Corrosion problems. The indoor air will filled with wet chloride ion due to the surface water evaporation of the swimming pool. When the wet chlorine air encounters with cool object, they will become condensate, which will not only affects the indoor swimmer viewing swimming environment, but also corrodes buildings, and affects indoor swimming pool beauty, even has the security risks of the houses collapsed.
3.Perception problems. The pool surface evaporation will lead to condensation of water formed on the surface of the glass, affects the indoor swimmer viewing outdoor environment.
4.Energy consumption problems. The traditional constant temperature and dehumidification system belong to the high energy-consuming and high cost products. According to the relative data that, 75% to 85% energy loss of the pool is due to evaporation, which exist in the form of water vapor ( latent heat) in the swimming pool air. Using the traditional ventilation and dehumidification will cause the pool indoor heat loss in the winter as well as the cold loss in the summer. In order to supplement the pool energy loss, in the traditional way, the pool has to use boilers or central air conditioning to provide a large number of cold or heat source to the pool to supplement the energy, thus consuming a lot of energy costs.

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