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2016-11-11Air Source Heat Pumps Provide You a Warmer House

Air Source Heat Pumps Provide You a Warmer House
Recently, there prevails an argument in China if it is necessary to popularize central heating in south China. Because of different reasons, the relative specialists consider it is not necessary to do that. As the 2012 market survey shows, air source heat pumps become the best house heating equipment.
Principle of air source floor heating system
Water floor heating system has the second name of low temperature floor radiant heating system. Its principle is connecting the hot water with the pipes underground. With 30℃~60℃ hot water circularly flowing in the pipe underground, the heat will send out to every room in your house and people are able to adjust the temperature according to personal favor. So it gets a public recognition of clean and safe heating system. But when selecting hot water source, you must choose the suitable ratio and volume equipment. Good heating equipment ensures stable water supply, and adequate heating source. The theoretical calculation shows that low temperature heat pumps are the best heating source of architecture water floor heating system.
Advantages of air source floor heating
High efficiency & energy saving
Application of advanced air source heat pump technology compatible with the equivalent temperature rise of floor heating improves the operation effect greatly and reduces the family cost at the same time.
Comfortable heating
First, it’s safe for children to crawl on the floor. Second, it will keep the skin moisturizing. So it’s the best choice especially for women, children and the old.
Separation between water and electric, no frame, no fire hazard, pressure in a normal scale, system with multi-protection, make complete safety in your life.
Environmentally Friendly
There is no fuel for operation and no carbon emission that create a green environment for you.

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